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In the realm of equine footwear, Equishox stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending cutting-edge design with a profound commitment to the well-being of the horses that wear our shoes.

Equishox Frequently Asked Questions

Equishox shoes consist of a 7mm Aluminium Core surrounded by 7mm Vulcanised Rubber Coating

Equishox are meticulously crafted in Great Britain and expertly manufactured in Sweden. We think that’s the best of both worlds to give you the quality you need.

Equishox revolutionises horse racing by prioritising the welfare and safety of both horse and rider. The shoe minimises injuries caused by collisions or strikes the anti-concussion element further reduces leg vibrations, mitigating injury risks. Equishox’s exceptional anti-slip properties provide a safer experience on roads and slippery surfaces. This advancement marks a pivotal step in enhancing racehorse well-being, and the commitment extends beyond product development to educate and enlighten the public about Equishox’s positive impact on the racing industry. With exceptional grip and reduced slipping risks, Equishox represents a game-changer in the quest for improved control and safety.

Equishox is crafted from a specially formulated composite rubber, scientifically proven to enhance control and consequently reduce the risk of slipping. Through first hand observation, we’ve witnessed horses striding with newfound confidence, free from the fear of slipping.

Equishox extends its innovative design and performance benefits to the world of polo, offering a versatile solution for polo horse footwear. The racing plate’s unique composition, not only minimises injuries caused by strikes and collisions but also provides exceptional control. In the dynamic and fast-paced sport of polo, where quick turns and sudden stops are common, Equishox’s anti-slip properties prove invaluable, enhancing the stability and confidence of polo horses and riders alike. The reduction in leg vibrations from the anti-concussion element further contributes to the well-being of polo horses during intense matches. By seamlessly adapting to the demands of polo, Equishox continues to represent a significant advancement in equestrian sports, promoting both performance and safety on the field.

The shoes are £49 plus VAT per pair, which is a premium price that reflects the high quality and cost of manufacturing.

Owners and trainers should benefit from lower and less frequent veterinary bills associated with concussion and stress injuries, and horses benefit from reduced times out of action and therefore can race more regiularly.

Equishox shoes are designed with practicality in mind, allowing for straightforward and efficient application by farriers. It was important to us that the shoes have a seamless fitting process that aligns with standard farrier practices. The innovative racing plate, maintains a balance between durability and flexibility, facilitating easy shaping and adjustment to the horse’s hoof.

Equishox, weighing approximately 125g per shoe with slight variations based on size, falls within the standard weight range for racing plates. Racing plates typically vary in weight based on factors such as material composition and size. The weight of Equishox aligns with the considerations for racing shoes, ensuring that it provides the necessary balance between durability and performance without compromising the horse’s agility and comfort on the track. One of our goals when crafting the shoe was to create a lighter shoe for the yard “an ounce on the foot is worse than a pound on the back”.

Equishox stands out not only for its exceptional durability but also for its ability to showcase minimal wear and tear. These innovative shoes prove to be as long-lasting as traditional metal shoes between routine shodding.

This image shows the shoes after 3 weeks of wear.

Equishox caters to the individual needs of horses with a diverse range of standard sizes. Our carefully crafted shoes are designed to accommodate various hoof dimensions. This ensures that every horse can enjoy the benefits of Equishox, tailored for an optimal fit, comfort, and top-notch performance.

While we’ve witnessed remarkable success on the racetrack, it’s essential to note that we currently lack sufficient research to establish whether this is a consistent trend. Our shoes are not engineered with the primary goal of enhancing speed or guaranteeing victory in races. Instead, the focus is on minimising injuries to horses and elevating safety standards in the sport. By doing so, our aim is to provide a platform that enables trainers to continue developing promising horses to their fullest potential.

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Equishox shod horse being groomed
  • Equishox shod horse being groomed

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